Live in the now,dude.

I’m having a reflective moment. Taking a second to look around me and notice what’s going on,to have a good think about my two kids right here,right now. All too often I am trying to keep two steps,or two days,ahead. I can stand and look at my kitchen calendar and imagine that I’ve already lived through a day,mentally scoring it out so I can start thinking about the next one. That’s just silly. What was it that Garth said to Wayne? “Live in the now,dude.”

Miss L is four and a half. She’s stretched,no baby chub left,her fine white blonde hair finally long enough to create two stick-thin plaited ponytails. Looking at herself in the mirror,sparkly stickers,any of the Disney Princesses,hair bobbles,Lelli Kelly adverts and dresses all feature high on her list of favourite things in the ‘whole wild world’.

Her questioning is getting more incessant.

‘Where does bacon come from Mummy? What happens to it’s head Mummy? Do we eat pigs’ heads?’

‘You know when you decide that you want a baby,how do you actually get one?’

‘Can horses open doors?’

She loves,loves,loves her sister. Last week she told us that when she grows up she’s going to marry her. Her Dad told her we’d have to disown them but I thought it was really rather sweet.

On one hand she loves to be the baby,craving my cuddles and attention,she’s a mummy’s girl. But on the other she can’t help but mother,and she melts my heart with her kindness and caring nature. When the two of them play Miss L is always in charge,organising what game they’ll play and issuing orders,plans that should be followed.

Any success at humour is usually unintended,bless her wee cottons. It’s not that she doesn’t try but it usually falls just short. My lovely boy says she takes after me,claiming that I’ve made him ‘proper laugh’ only seven times. That’s one laugh for every year of our marriage. She’s just named her new toy ‘Frankie’ whose unfortunate nickname seems to be ‘Frankie Wankie’. Now that made me laugh.

Baby P’s humour is a bit more in your face. I think she’s destined to become the class joker,all ‘Daddy poo poo’,‘Silly bum bum’,‘Mummy do a poo in a pants?’ and ‘Stinky willy.’

And not yet two years old.

She still has a big round belly,squishy thighs,ideal for nibbling which results in those innocent,unashamed squeals of delight and the occasional excited fart. As a second child she’s been more exposed to much more from an early age and is already a dap hand at applying lipstick,wearing big girl pants and running in heels.

Her chat is great. ‘My do it. My no like it. My get it. My touch it?‘ I unashamedly boasted to my Facebook friends that she could count to thirteen when she was 20 months old.

And when you say ‘Put your hands up’ you get a ‘Uh uh oh,Uh,uh,oh’ back. Or say ‘Cinderella’ and you get a ‘Cut it up one time.’ I hope those Beyonce and Salt N Peppa fans amongst you appreciate that.

She adores her big sister and seems to get confidence from just having her close by. Your first thought of her personality is that she’s confident,gets on with things. But without Miss L by her side,she’s just a bit shakier. She wants her attention,‘Watch me sista,watch me sista’,and will often give her hair a little stroke or a kiss when she passes her by. This week as Miss L has settled into pre-school,although I think she’s enjoyed their time apart,  after an hour she’s asking to go pick her up again.

I could go on.

Every minute of every day is filled with gems if you make the time to notice. Amazing,funny,touching memories that I know I will forget and wish I wouldn’t.

And they won’t remember a thing will they? Isn’t that sad? That they’ll not know how much we loved them at this age,how they are our lives right now,touching everything,affecting every decision we make for our family.

When they’re teenagers they’ll feel like we’ve just landed in their lives. They won’t remember that we all used to dance in the kitchen,have races around the garden,walk to the ice-cream shop on rare sunny evenings instead of having a bath or that we kissed them every night as they slept before we fell into bed.

So I’ll print these off. Put it in front of them both when they’ve huffed,stomped upstairs and looked at me like a stranger they don’t really like. Yes,you. Grumpy teenager out there. Buck up Madame,be nice to your old Mum and Dad.

Photo credit –Tony

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16 comments to Live in the now,dude.

  • This made me smile &laugh (Frankie). I seemed to have rushed through my daughters early childhood,never enough time to take notice of all the little gems…Now I have a grandaughter &I can tell you I’m savouring each &every one!

    • How cool it must be,being a grandparent. I know my Mum really loves just taking the time to enjoy the girls without the pressures. And I can only imagine how much it feels like time has flown by,it’ll be me before long ;)

  • Mrs H

    Ahhhh,they is tooooo lovely. Can’t believe Miss L’s hair is in plaits! Lovely,lovely post as ever xx

    • They stick at right angles to her head,they’re that rubbish,but she loves them. You have all this to come –the whole ‘I want my hair in bunches/plaits/ponytail’argument 2 minutes before you have to leave the house. It’s well fun x

  • Lady Lou

    Lovely post and such perfect descriptions of the two of them. It’s so important to smell the roses and realise what you have,right now. Despite living with the Teenage Dirtbag,and the sometimes drama that brings,I always think ‘aaah she could be much worse and that extra ear piercing is waaaay nicer than a ring through her nose’. However,I would say that me kissing her before I go to bed –a ritual for the last 15 years and 3 months –is now much trickier and has started to get an alarmed ‘why are you touching me?’reaction….not quite what I would like! Make the most of them being teeny while you can,which is just what you’re doing. xxx

  • LOL-I wrote a post with almost the same title today.

  • Claire

    Now I laughed out really loud……..Frankie Wankie will surely NEVER be forgotten. This post has made me want to sit down and write down my little ladies quirks too,infact I think I will! x

    Another Brilliant post –Keep them coming x

  • I don’t spend anywhere near enough time over here y’know. You always make me laugh and smile and I’m LOLing at Frankie Wankie right now…. wonderful stuff –this is treasure,keep it safe. xx

  • I love this. I know exactly what you mean about just reflecting and capturing all these wonderful things they say. Because they are wonderful,the way they talk and express themselves. They are so earnest. I am constantly laughing at my two,the things they do and say,they really are the best entertainment. And as you say when you go in and kiss them good night it’s the best feeling in the world. Those two little people. The greatest gifts.

    Lovely writing.

    • It’s not always easy though is it,but good to try and do every so often. I’m in the middle of printing off all my posts that I’ve done since I started and put them away for a future rainy day. Thanks for popping over ;)

  • I really love this post –it made me smile on a day when I have have waved my daughter off for her day as a newbie at 6th Form college. She is wearing plaits,but only because she is playing netball and now she has her bus pass I am not even needed as a taxi :-( Treasure the now indeed. It is ‘then’in a blink of an eye…

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