‘Frosty Fanny’ and ‘The Snowflake Died’

Its been a top Christmas. Perfect actually. The day before Christmas Eve our whole street got snowed in. All morning we watched from our bedroom window as all the neighbours try to drive up the hill, each car slipping from side to side until the driver gave up. The men seemed to take it as a personal challenge, whether they could mount the hill successfully. One shameless, and rather large, neighbour even squeezed himself into his wife’s tiny Fiat 500 in an attempt to be the one who made it to the other side. But even he failed, slipping miserably backwards down the hill.

snow fun

So, we went with it. Embraced being in our own little snowglobe and wrapped up the kids, dragged them around in a sledge, built snowmen, baked biscuits for Santa and watched festive films on the telly. When I called the farm to explain we couldn’t come and pick up our turkey they amazingly delivered it to our door in their 4×4. If this wasn’t enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I then watched a group of teenagers stop shoving snow down each others pants to join the gang of grown up men-folk who were pushing a van out of the snow. Although it made me smile I did start to wonder why one time of year should be so different. Why can’t everyone be nice every day?

My eldest daughter, at 3,has been controlled in her excitement of the season. This finally bubbled over when her Nana and Granda arrived complete with a truck full of gifts on Boxing Day. By far my most dreaded present for her was, true to form, her most favourite. An electric keyboard, complete with stool,microphone and record facility. Every parents nightmare. Needless to say I have spent a large part of today in the kitchen,busying myself whilst my front room is like a scene from Peter Kay’s ‘The Phoenix Club’ with a tone deaf, loud, toddler as compere. We were treated to all the usual seasonal hits with a couple of improvs;‘Frosty Fanny’ and ‘The Snowflake Died’ which were hilarious and more than made up for my bleeding ears.

I know I will be bored of the snow by tommorow, and the Christmas cards falling over with really start to annoy me, but for now I intend to get another glass of red, get my comfy trousers on and drool over my new Mac notebook. I am sooo glad my husband never listens to my annual ‘don’t go crazy this year’ chat.

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