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It’s been a year since we moved into our fancy house out of town. And, as I knew would happen, it doesn’t feel so fancy anymore. In a good way. We’ve grown into it, filled it and it’s now simply our home.

fancy home

I can remember moving into our first ever home together and it was like a castle compared to our one bedroom flat, it felt vast. We spent the first night shouting out to each other, ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m upstairs in the other toilet!’. It echoed for many years until the babies came home and it was filled up with all the guff that comes with them.

Miss L has settled better than I could have expected. I have to remind myself about her sweet group of nursery friends and how scared and worried I was that she’d not cope without them. Being in the big school nursery is really getting her used to going to into the school building every morning, it’s a great first step towards the Big First Day in August. I’ve started dropping it into conversations about starting school and sometimes she can be excited and all ‘Yeah, whatevs’ and other times she looks a little freaked out ‘Will I have to go every day?’

I can feel myself starting to worry already about how she’ll cope, and I’ll admit to being terrified about the whole girls-are-bitchy vibe. Alpha girls that struggle for power, not caring who they crush on their way there. I’d dread it if she became one. What would you do if your child turned into a Mean Girl?

No parent wants that but it must happen to nice normal folk like me, their kids turn into little shits. I shudder at the thought.

But until school she’s still my dramatic little baby, all arms and legs, brown as a nut and getting more gorgeous with every day.

Being big sister is flavour of the month right now. She loves the grown up role, enjoys teaching, explaining to Little P.

‘Boys and girls are a bit different. Boys have a willy at the front. But they have the same back bottoms. But boys’ ones are hairier.’

They continue to play endless imaginary role play games, families, doctors, schools, cafés. Playing happily for a long time,minimal bickering, as long as Miss L’s rules are kept to and Little P gets the pink buggy.

But she’s also getting a bit sneaky with the influence she has over her little sister. Last week I heard her through the monitor at stupid o’clock in the middle of the night whispering instructions.

‘Go through and wake Mummy. Ask her for a cuddle’

Little P tottered through and reported back to her sister. ‘I did it.’


‘Now ask for a cuddle and a kiss.’

For now at least Little P is happy to oblige.

Little P did her first pee in the loo a couple of days ago. For three days I’d been taking her nappy off and seeing how it went. And basically she just happily peed and pooed in her draws. Shameless, not giving a damn. She’d just shout after a while ‘Mum, I’ve done a poo in ma pants. ’I was spoilt with Miss L, she just decided at the age of two that she’d no longer be wearing nappies day or night, thank you and good night. No accidents, no fuss, job done. Now I’ll need to see if a.) the pees were a fluke and b.) I can be bothered to go for it.

She definitely knows her mind and that stubborn attitude borders on grumpiness some days. Not in a nasty way but she’s certainly inherited ‘The Look’ from me. ‘The Look’ is one grade up from your common or garden Dirty Look. It’s more cutting. I believe my Mum once described it as ‘looking at me like I’m a piece of shit on your shoe’. A wonderful inheritance for my young daughter I’m sure you’ll agree.

Some of my most favourite things about her right now are;

1. Her hair. It’s mesmerising in it’s wildness. Like it’s forever static.

2. That she sleeps in in the morning and stumbles through all surprised that everyone else is up and what did I miss?

3. When she asks for a cuddle, slaps me on the back Neighbours style and tells me she lubs me.

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